Our First Month

Ok. So it's been a little over a month, but the sentiment remains. just wanted to catch up on all the things we have been up to in our first 39 days of marriage. Right now, Danny is at class and I'm on our couch, eating deli meat out of a plastic container, and dipping it into mayo and mustard... whatever. SUE ME.

1. We went on a honeymoon!!! I will do a separate blog post for that because i have like eighteen million pictures to post... sry not sry. But in sum, we went from Washington DC to Baltimore, MD, to Lancaster, PA, to Philadelphia, PA to Atlanta, GA, to Melbourne, FL to Labadee, Haiti to Falmouth, Jamaica, to the Grand Cayman Islands, to Cozumel, Mexico, all the way back to sweet sweet Salt Lake City. Obviously our journey requires an explanation, and you'll get one later.

2. Danny has started EMT class, and I am back at work. It hasn't been too bad. This picture is right before we were married. It still doesn't feel any different, being married. I still love Danny, we still get to hang out, but I guess now we are really a unit. We never have to go home at night, because we are home. My husband is a great example of patience and unconditional love to me, and is the greatest blessing in my life.

3. We went up to Yellowstone for the Fourth of July!! It was my very first time. There will also be a blog post devoted to that. We actually went camping... do you believe me? Me either. My family sure doesn't, but it was real. We straight up SAW A GRIZZLY BEAR.

4. Sweet baby Ynna got married. It was quite the adventure, and Ynna was beautiful the entire time. I have been lucky enough to have Ynna as my best friend since before she even met Preston, and it's been so great to be able to watch them grow together, get engaged, and then get sealed in the temple. So their wedding took place in Washington, DC and the reception was in Lancaster, PA—home of the Amish! Oh and on the way we stopped in Baltimore (which I would not recommend as a day-trip to anyone) and visited Edgar Allen Poe's gravesite (in honor of The Following, our favorite show on TV). In Lancaster, Danny and I were delighted when we were driving down the damn ROAD and there was a COVERED WAGON ALONGSIDE US!!! Nothing like it in the world. Anyway, the whole trip was way fun and I love nothing more than taking three hour drives with the boy I love.

5. We've been putting together our house! Slowly, but surely it is coming together. Here's a sneak preview of our bedroom setup! Please notice our sweet ass mirror, and some original artwork by our friend, Evan. I have a quilt to hang over our bed, and when I get around to that (probably like in 50 years) I will share. Ok Danny is home and we have to... bye.