This week we did some fun things!!! First, we went to the kickoff of the Twilight Concert Series!!! It was Belle and Sebastian. I totally had a bad attitude about going (I don't love heat or crowds and Twilight is the ultimate mixture of the two), but watching how excited Danny was (apparently he has been waiting his whole life to see them) changed my mind. So after about an hour of sour-facing (thanks danny love u), I embraced both the heat and the crowd and watched my husband have the time of his little life.


On Friday we had the chance to go Danny's family reunion, which just so happens to be the Joseph F. Smith Family Reunion. It was everything you would imagine. Held at the Lion House (rolls, anyone?), there was a musical number (by Danny and his sister, of course), a heartfelt speech by his great uncle about Joseph F. Smith and the life he lived, and mingling with hundreds of people who have the same heritage. It was certainly memorable, and I got to dress up for it, and I am DOWN for anything I get to dress up for (because the rest of the time I look homeless).

Last, but not least, was the Real Salt Lake game, and also (more importantly) Fast and the Furious 6. The Real games are fun (because the fans are insane) but also really scare (because the fans are insane). Danny's dad gave us tickets, so we went to the game, ate some nachos, and had a great time. It wasn't even that hot, thank goodness. Then we headed over to the movies! FATF6 just came out at the dollar movie theatre by us and I have been DYING to go. Everyone's been saying how (relatively) good it was, so I had to see it for myself. First of all, Paul Walker—I can't. Paul Walker with a baby? It's over. Good thing I have Danny (who is much better than Paul Walker...) or I'd be hunting him down. Anyway, that movie is bbaawwwmmmbbb! Danny didn't appreciate it nearly as much as I did (because he has a more refined pallet and doesn't believe that people can fly over medians and jump 40 feet from a roof into a car..) but I was obsessed. Like hellooo I know it could never happen but i like to think of it as Harry Potter, once you buy in, you're hooked.

Now I am home again (WE FINALLY CLEANED OUR HOUSE. PICS 2 COME) and Danny is taking his EMT quizzes online, and I now have to go watch Dexter.


  1. twilight, yes, memories of that. hot sweaty mess it is.
    you guys are cute married people. love ya.