Wedding Photos: The Temple

So begins the obnoxious series of wedding picture posts. The way I see it, if you're looking at this, you volunteered to be here.... so I can be as shameless as I WANT! So here it goes. All of the photos in the post are from the morning we got married—June 8, 2013. It's surreal to look at these photos... even though it wasn't that long ago! This was a great day for everyone involved (I think? Holler at me if you had a bad time and I will edit this). All of the photos are by my good friend, Alex Steele. She was such an asset in the wedding, and she truly made the wedding by capturing the day. Because we all know, if you don't have a picture of it, it didn't happen.

There's nothing that is comparable to being sealed to the person you love for time and eternity. It is the most comforting feeling in the world, and something that cannot be recreated or impersonated on any level. I waited a (mormon-relatively) long time to find the man who would make an honest woman out of me ;] and i'm so glad that i did.


This is us coming out of the temple. At this point, WE R MARRIED. Husby and wifey. Right now, I am writing this and Danny is (very bored but being a good sport) playing guitar on our couch. He is the cutest lil guy. The captions I associate with this series are "OMG" "awwww!" "hi mom" (look at my nephews faces in this and you will die) and "get some."

How hot is my husband? And how beautiful are my flowers? They are by the lovely Ashley Beyer of Tinge Floral. She is not only a talented artist in the floral world, but always does it in style and with a great sense of humor. It's safe to say that a lot of pieces of your wedding will piss you off or go wrong in the months leading up to it, but Ashley never let me down, not even ONCE. Love her.

This is where Jenny, my mama, and Sierra make an appearance in a big way. Going through the 800-some-odd pictures, Sierra is like making out with Danny (which I left out), and I am hugging Jenny in like 69. These girls have been my best friends for a long time, specifically Sierra, who kicked hacky sacks with me in 9th grade when we had no friends. OH, and can't forget about Karla. Look at that face. The proud look of a mother.

The photos above this are what we call the "Kiss the Ring" series. All of Danny's friends (Evan, Jordan, Danny, Alex, Tyler, Shawn) (Evan, Alex, and Jordan are single...)(Jordan also took our engagement photos if you are interested in those...) thought it was funny (and it was) to kiss his now-married-hand and his ring along with it. He was king for a day. Bow down, y'all.

We live in the 21st century— that's for damn sure. I love that Alex caught people doing this. It's funny in an ironic sort of way, but also a very accurate representation of our day-and-age (without me sound like I am 74 years old). I was really debating embracing the social media aspect into our wedding, but in the end, I think it's pretty cool that we can do something as easy as a hashtag (#dannykylie) and be able to find all of the photos that our friends and family took throughout the day. We decided this was Danny's mom's hand? You can follow her on instagram to see this photo. She would love it :]

I guess some people are wondering where my wedding dress is from. The answer.... drum roll... is Vera Wang. The boys' tuxes are also Vera. I also have another dress (I know, kill myself), that will be in subsequent posts, and that one was custom made. The story behind the Vera dress is basically that my mom and I went into the store because I was in LA and the store was there and I wanted to try one on. How many times in your life do you get to try on a Vera Wang? (The answer is... none). Anyway, I went in, and they had this high neckline, beautiful gown on the rack, I tried it on, and my mom started crying, and from there i knew it was over. I had to have it. It sounds crazy, but so does everything else about a wedding. Turns out, this dress was still there from 2 seasons ago because.... IT WAS MODEST. No one wants a modest dress! Pshhh die LA fashionites, you got nothin' on my wedding.

The black and whites are some of my favorites, so I felt like I should make a block of them together. Look how cool my bridal party looks. Sierra, this one's for you. You look like a bad ass. And Thoyt, of course, looking suave as ever. Oh and I can't forget about our super cute, albiet hipster, semi-blurry wall photos. Alex, you're a goddess behind the camera.

Well, thanks for anonymously looking through PART ONE. I should probably kill myself now. JK i have to wait until the rest are posted too. But that's probably enough for today. I need to go eat some vegetables, aka a pizza. But seriously, thanks for even wanting to look through these. My validation levels are through the roof these days. xoxoxoxoxox.


  1. Obnoxious? No. Informative? Yes. Tender? Yes.

  2. These are magical photos! Congrats!

  3. I'm dying your comments are hilarious

  4. I just looked through these (again) and loved them. And the captions. I'm jealous of your photo-of-the-iPhone-photo shots- my photog wasn't as cool as Alex. I really like how good you and Danny look when you're not smiling. Classy, but not too excited. Nate and I have not accomplished that yet ;)