Wedding Photos: Here Comes the Bridals

If I haven't posted enough, or gushed over Alex's photo skills enough, here's my last salute (to the Salt Lake portion). These are my bridals, and I am obsessed with them. We had the vision of going out to Antelope Island to shoot these suckers, and our dreams turned into a reality (with a few bumps—literally—along the way).


My sweet mama was in town, so she, Danny, Alex, and I hopped in the car, drove to Target for some supplies, and got on the road toward Antelope Island. Upon arrival, we realized that the entire lake is COVERED in bugs. Not just annoying bugs, but like... flesh eating, monstrous bugs that torture you. But you know how it goes—anything for the Instagram. So we persevered, and I am so glad we did. The sun was softly setting, the wind was blowing just right, and the water was like glass—it was perfect.

Hey Everyone, I married John F. Kennedy sooo... sorry. Holy Moly. Also it's pretty weird to post pictures of exclusively myself (and my other half) but I mean... they are pretty, right? Even if it wasn't me, they would be pretty, which is my justification for posting them. 

Any of these photos with my veil, I refer to as "the child bride pics." I love my veil, as it was gifted from the Vera Wang store (i hate myself), and is a dreamy one. Floor length, pure white, two tier tulle. Meeeoooww. Originally I wasn't going to wear one at all (which is funny because on my wedding day we actually lost it so i couldn't wear it...), but i am telling you, if you're a bride, WEAR IT. It's the only day you can!

These are some of my favorites. Just the candid ones of Danny and I walking and talking. This is how we actually look (if I had professional hair and makeup done each and every single day).... but in all reality, this is how Danny and I interact 90% of the time (watch out for that other 10%), and I am so lucky to have found a man like him.

These are overwhelming to look at. Help me before I print all of them and plaster them all over my walls and then curl up in them and sleep on them and then barf on them. Jk I wouldn't (do the last part). 

Oh, and to break up the monotony, let me introduce some groomals. Everyone loves Danny. Whether you've known him for years or met him 5 minutes ago, you will love him. He is my better half, and makes me look good. Thanks Dan.

Oh man. I have looked all over the internet at pictures of bridals/wedding/ways to kill myself via weddings... but hat's off to Alex on this one. It is so unique and dynamic, I am almost speechless. And again, this has nothing to do with me. You can barely even tell it's me. It's just a great photo and captures the essence of everything going on.

These are so cute they make me want to bake cookies and pet puppies and crochet. (I like doing all of those things anyway...) Danny looks like an angel baby (even when he is laughing because we are going crazy after being bitten for two hours).

S-E-C-O-N-D  F-A-V-O-R-I-T-E
I had this dress custom made by a woman in Provo named Shauna, and she did a fabulous job. It was even her idea to make a bow for the back, and looking back, it's the best part of the dress. 


  1. these photos are beautiful. seriously.
    i love both of your dresses.
    you so pwetty!
    alex did seriously an amazing job.

  2. I'm srsly blushing. You aren't giving yourself enough cred, pretty girl. I'm just glad the Vera was done justice by both of us. And Dan. And Karla. Now hurry up and have babies so we can take more and more and more pics. All the pics.

  3. I just can't get over how pretty you are.