Wedding Photos: The Morning Of

Like ookkkaayyy here's a baby post. This is the morning that we got married. This very same day, my wedding dress was lost (thanks crazy friends), and I got to marry the most amazing lil bb i have ever known. I promised the girls that the photos of them would never see the light of day, so this is my post- as promised. No details of my friends :(

Oops sry Jenny and Sierra. <3 u

AHHHH I AM SCARED TO GET MARRIED!!! jk i am scared to be late or forget something (oh wait i literally forgot my wedding dress on this day like probably 69 times). And of course, I had to eat pizza and chug root beer before I went and got freaking married. Oh I hate myself/love myself.

Okay my friends are way glam!!! And sorry girls, here is your one appearance from the morning. I love this photo tooooooo much not to share. If it goes viral somewhere, I owe you all some cupcakes or midnight Del Taco. 


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