Wedding Photos: The Reception Part I

These are some (a whole lot) of the photos from our reception, which was held at the Natural History Museum of Utah. BACKSTORY: I had been dead set on having that be the building I had my reception on since the day I set foot in it back in 2011, and thanks to my loving parents, we made it happen, but not without a few (a whole lot) of hiccups. For anyone planning a wedding, I will just be honest with you, having it here was a double edged sword. It is unnervingly beautiful both inside and out, but the staff here is a nightmare. Every step of the way, I was met with angry glares, unanswered emails, and outright rude service. That should never be what you have to deal with when planning a wedding, as you are already stressed out enough about planning the single-most important and public day of your life.

THAT PREFACE BEING SAID... it turned out to be absolutely dazzling. The combination of the gold bridesmaid dresses, the pastel florals, and the clean black and white details made for an exquisite color palette, if I do say so myself. Sry. :[ Alex, my good friend and our photographer, did an amazing job capturing the day, from the candids to the details. Some (a whole lot) of these photos actually make me cry to look at because of what a magnificent job she did. It was a wonderful day with a wonderful boy and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out, despite the work that was involved planning it. I wouldn't change a thing. Check out our musician extraordinaire, Josh, on the drums. If that photo isn't classic, I don't know what is. And of course I just had to post that HOT picture of Danny warming up on the guitar with the museum windows behind him. D-R-E-A-M-Y. And how about the shots of the windows. I CANNOT. The last few are of my mom and I walking up. You wouldn't tell by the picture, but I am at that moment having a panic attack at her for LOSING MY DRESS. Just know, something will go wrong on your wedding day, but also take heart in knowing that it all works out, and you can look back and laugh. Or cry. Or both.

Flowers, flowers. flowers. I can't say enough about Ashley, my florist. Everyone around me really helped throw the wedding together, but between Ashley and Alex, the wedding was made. Ashley made the most exquisite bouquets for both my wedding party and the reception decor, and Alex did a fantastic job shooting all of it (since flowers die, it's only fair to be able to look back and remember how beautiful they once were). I also tried to add in a little flavor of my own by using an artichoke to hold the photos of Danny and I on each table. Although there aren't photos of the usage of the artichoke-holder, I'm glad Alex threw lil bb artichoke into the lineup of floral decor. I love those shots.


Just some more details from the reception. We obvs had to get the classic "His and Her Ring" pic. The story behind my ring is kind of cool. It is my mom's old wedding ring, and there are three bands on it to represent her three kids. This ring has actually long-since been retired and was upgraded for a new one, so it's been sitting in a safe for like... 10 years. But the entire time I was growing up, this is what my mom wore, and this is what I picture when I visualize her. So... when she found out her baby girl was going to get ENGAGED (still crazy that I am married), she offered up the ring to Danny. Originally, we weren't going to take it, because Danny had been saying that he wanted to design and buy his own ring for me (understandably), but lo-and-behold, the day we got engaged, he gave me this one, and I straight up said... "wait that's not my ring," hahaha. The joy Danny feels from surprising people is akin to how I feel about eating Oreos.

Tre Classique: The Cake Cutting. We had decided long before we got married that the whole "messy-shove-it-in-each-others-face" mantra for cake cutting wasn't really something we were interested in. Guys, my hair and makeup is done and I am wearing an expensive, white dress. Why on Earth would I want someone to shove cake up my nose? I wouldn't even want that on a normal day, let alone with 200 people watching and taking pictures. So... that's just my opinion, take it or leave it, but we had a sweet little cake cutting, and just toward the end, I thought Danny had had a change of heart and I got nervous, but he did not try anything crazy, lucky for him.

Last, but certainly not least, we have The Song. Danny wrote a song for us, at my request, that we performed at both of our receptions (it was very well received, hopefully not all pity-based). The song is the story of us. From the time we met (Cold. Fall.), to how we met (finally saying hello), to falling in love (so soon to fall in love)—he really nailed it all. The first time he played it for me I was literally awestruck, somewhere between adoration of his talent and fear that I would never live up to how great he is. I guess it doesn't really matter, because for whatever reason, he loves me and now... he's stuck with me. For those of you that are actually interested in an all-too-intimate disclosure, these are the lyrics to the song.

Couldn’t tell you a thing about
Whether fate played a part in fleshing us out 
Or whether the cold 
Meant to push me to your door 

If I didn’t like this city 
If I moved on a whim 
Or didn’t give in to all your charm 
I never would have been in your arms 

So long I saw you but didn’t speak 
And all the while, right up the street 
I still remember when finally 
We said hello 
And didn’t know where it would lead 

Been losing sleep 
I wake, I wake up thinking of us 
So soon to fall in love 
But it’s you I need 
And if it’s chance that led you to me 
I don’t care it’s meant to be 

Want to do anything I can 
To make your life a little better, please understand 
That watching you laugh 
Is enough to make me give all I have 

Want to share our big decisions 
We can choose where to live 
What to listen to on our longest drives 
You’ll help me sing the lines 

I told my mother you caught my eye 
You make me better, it feels so right 
It all so quickly just fell in line 
So why slow down? 
I like the sound of you and me 

But it’s you I need 
And if it’s chance that led you to me 
I don’t care it’s meant to be 


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