Wedding Photos: The Reception Part II

Part II are the photos from the reception that involve people. The most important people in my world are the ones that show up in these photos. I wouldn't be who I am or where I am without them. From brief roommates, all the way to bloodlines, I find that the encounters I have had over the past four years in Utah have shaped me profoundly. Thank you to anyone and everyone who came out to our wedding to support us, it meant the world. There is no one that I would rather show off than Daniel, and I am so proud to call him mine.

These are my girls!!! My MOH was, of course, Sierra, who has seen me do all kinds of sick things and has endured almost 10 years of me complaining, while also being the most fiercely loyal and beautiful friend I have. We also have sweet little Ynna, who is my cutest friend, Jenny, who is my most glam friend, Haeree, who is my most adventurous, and Ashley, who is my nicest. Each of these ladies has a very special place in my heart. We have laughed, cried, screamed (sometimes for each other, sometimes at each other), but most of all, we have loved.


This section is of my family! We've got Sierra and Vinnie, first. My mom and Vinnie's mom have been best friends since college. We grew up far apart, him in Pittsburgh and me in Vegas, but when I was 17, we were finally reunited, and a beautiful friendship was born. Vinnie is my kindred spirit, and so much more {insane, bold, rich} than I am. He's the ABSOLUTE best, and anyone that comes into contact with him can attest. Then we have my whole family, both of my brothers' families, my new mama, my parents, little Corbin, and finally, Drew. My dear friend Drew is the most amazing planner I have ever met! He helped me get the kinks out of my logistics, helped me stuff my invitation envelopes, and has given me moral support for nearly 4 years.

Here are the wedding party reception photos. Alex took some of the best photos I have ever seen, and I was just lucky enough to be in them. How bomb is my wedding party? They all look so freaking good i CANNOT even stand it. 

These are the boys. Jordan, Evan, Alex, Tyler, and Taylor. This group was nothing but helpful and dapper in the days leading up to and during the wedding. Thanks to any of you reading this, as I am sure I was kind of a nightmare to deal with (hi danny). And, if you're wondering, they are all wearing Vera Wang.

My boy, and my girls :]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

Just some candid shots from the wedding. My friends on their phones, of course. The guests, Natalie, Drew, and my family. Natalie is a very special part of my life. We met on a study abroad in the South Pacific, also where I met Alex. It was a hellish paradise of 8 weeks, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Natalie is one of the most beautiful, strong, and smart women that I am privileged to know, and always inspires me to keep it real.

For anyone that knows Chet Cox, these photos will melt your little heartsies. Little girls think about the Father & Daughter dance their whole life, and mine was perfect. We danced to Rod Stewarts, "Have I Told You Lately," and I didn't even trip. I highly recommend having the Groom and his mother cut in halfway through your song, just because people get hella bored after watching you guys waltz around for 3 minutes (this was Danny's suggestion). So in cuts sweet Lynda, who looks ravishing, and also looks so proud of her son.

Our first dance was to M Ward's, "Eyes on the Prize." Right when we first started dating, Danny showed me this song, and I fell in lo0o0o0o0ove with it, so of course it had to be our wedding song. 

Lastly, the bouquet toss, garter toss, etc. I love the facial expressions in these, hahaha. Everyone got way into it, which was my dream. I feel so weird and uncomfortable at weddings where people won't just buy in to how traditional and awkward the things we do can be. IT'S OKAY TO WANT THE BOUQUET. IT'S OKAY TO HIT ANOTHER GIRL FOR THE BOUQUET. I would much rather have that than have it land on the ground and hear crickets. :[[[[[[[ But it was perfect! Again, thanks to everyone who participated. love u all.


  1. you were right.. the chet pics were my favorite and melted my heart. looooove these pics. loved this day.

  2. Awww ky ky melted natty's cold cold heart with those sweet words. mama teary now. <3

  3. al pal teary now and also i heart chet and also i want to have your wedding day again plz

  4. Found your wedding on Pinterest, and you looked stunning! What a beautiful reception too! Just wondering where your friends got those delicious dresses? I need one for my friends wedding, and i'm looking into sewing one... :/

    1. hey rylee! my girls all got them at different places... i think some from and some from nordstrom and some from just random places online haha.