Wedding Photos: The Reception Part III

LAST RECEPTION POST THANK GOODNESS. jk i have loved every minute! These are just the remainder of the photos from the reception aka my sick friends & family (i mean that in the sweetest and most loving way) getting dooowwwwn.

My original playlist consisted of 90% Chris Brown songs (sry haters), but Danny is the cultured one, and added some normal songs (80's) to please everyone. And of course, some classic *NSYNC and whatnot (Katy Perry) were played I'm sure.

This is Corbin, who just couldn't seem to keep his clothes on this night. (HE'S NOT THE ONLY ONE!) jk. not jk. But for real, this baby is the freaking cutest, suspenders and all.

Natty, this one's for you. These are some perfect shots of my friends, encapsulating their personalities fully. Between the looks of ecstasy, disgust, and innocence, I couldn't have made this series of photos better if I had posed them myself.

I've always wanted the grand exit. Every girl does. You dream your entire life of your wedding, from the dress, to the tables, to the exit. I've seen so many pictures of the firework ones, and they always turn out so magically. I ruuuuuvvv deeesseee!!


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