Showering Babes


Last Saturday was my sweet Teenie's baby shower. Our friend, Brooke (with the help of Teenie's mother-in-law), threw the C-U-T-E-S-T shower ever—baseball themed, with everything you could think of, including Dippin' Dots, hot dogs, and nachos. I could have died. Teenie's sister-in-law made the most elaborate, delicious cupcakes (As you can see above). I wish I were that patient/talented. Kudos to you, Kelsey.

Ahhhh, there are the Dots. Teenie had these at her wedding, so it was only fitting that we had them again before the birth of her FIRST CHILD. This is the first time anyone really close to me, apart from my family, has had a baby (or is having one in the next 2 months), so it's actually kind of special for me. I've known Teenie since high school. We were inseparable for years. She's been my best friend, my roommate, and my confidant since before I even had blonde hair, and I know she will be a phenomenal mother. AND I LOVE HALF ASIAN BABIES SO I LITERALLY CANNOT WAIT FOR IT TO BE BORN AND FOR ME TO PLAY SO MUCH DRESS UP OOOMMMGGGG.


Here is the food spread that I chose for myself (mistake). The first is the "before" and the second is, of course, the "after." Like yikes, Kylie, help yourself. NACHO CHEESE? Nachos, chili (stop.), hot dogs, cupcakes, ice cream. I could not. We decided that it was one of those things that women wouldn't eat if men were present, but secretly desire ALL THE TIME. Big shoutout to Brooke for being the best shower-thrower in the world. Make sure you do mine too.


Every details was perfect!! Water bottles wrapped in Teenie's name (I think maybe like 4 people call her Teenie which is weird for me), and popcorn actually freaking popping next to my face. Couldn't have gotten more real than that. And oh hey, I finally decided to paint my nails (I have already peeled most of them off).

This is my little bb with her little bb, looking as radiant and happy as ever. I'm so excited for Lance and CHRISTINE to bring a child into this world. I'm not sure if he will grow up to love basketball (sorry Lance) or be a fashionista (sorry myself), but if he is anything like his parents, I am absolutely confident that he will grow up to be an amazing person. Yay Gummersalls!


  1. So happy for teenie and teenie tiny. He will be so presh.