Gossip Ghoul & Halloween

Okay! OCTOBER!!!! This is my husband's favorite season/holiday, so of course I felt like we had to outdo ourselves (hence we had three costumes, a party, and a Halloween band). First off, why are there no good pumpkin patches in Salt Lake? We decided to go to Wheeler Farm, but the pumpkins were literally $20 so I ended up just taking pictures of myself (naturally) and making my merry way on over to our local Walmart to actually buy some pumps.

Second... my work throws a Halloween party and gives away crazy prizes like CAMERAS!!! But best of all, there is food—pizza and cookies— to be eaten by all, and the CHILDREN COME TRICK OR TREATING at our desks. It's a magnificent time. I chose to dress up as "a bag of eminems" for our costume contest, and while I should have won (for sure), I lost to a full grown man dressing up as Dora the Explorer.

Next up, Gossip Ghoul. Gossip Ghoul is a Halloween band, created by my husband and his friends, that plays exclusively at Halloween. Each year, they play new songs (both covers and originals) and dress up in themed costumes. This year was "Mad Scientist" theme, and I think it turned out pretty well. Danny and I went for the like... asylum/crazy surgeon look, but I'm not sure that quite worked. Either way, we look scary as hell so it doesn't really matter. How cool do we look on stage though? It was one of my prouder moments. You can listen to our setlist... here.

Now... Family Halloween Party. The Ormes talk up Halloween, and with good reason. This is the first Halloween Danny and I have spent together (isn't that dumb, since we are married? hahaha), so it was the first time I got to experience an Orme Halloween. Everyone in the family dresses up, the entire house is decorated, and sweet Lynda makes her famous chili. There is a costume contest AND a treat contest, and guess who won both? OH IT WAS ME Y'ALL! Danny and I dressed up as "American Gothic." See picture for reference.

And of course, for FHE one night, we had a bunch of our friends over for pumpkin carving (again, we bought pumpkins at Walmart because WTF is going on with pumpkin patches). Danny made a howling werewolf, Haeree made a cute pumpkin out of the most horrifying pumpkin I have ever seen, Sierra made pizza of course, I made a smiling lil guy, and Natalie and Jordan made a pumpkin that was throwing up... of course. Each of our pumpkins suited our personalities wholeheartedly and I was glad we got to spend some qual-time 2gethr.


  1. all of this is amazing. & yes, i listened to your set list.

    1. kerry y aren't we hanging out right now?