Danny and I have both updated our resumes as of late, since we have been applying to be volunteers at Primary Children's Hospital, as well as a few other things (oh yeah... we are about to gear up for med school applications! and I am doing freeeeeelance).

AND GUESS WHAT? It worked! We both got accepted to be volunteers, which I thought was very cool, and I am excited to work with the kiddos! We have orientation next week. Danny will be playing guitar for them, and I will be working on the Kids Krew, aka playing monopoly and reading stories. And just bcuz i lo0o00ove pics, here are some of our recent ones.

Cedar Breaks, UT

St. George, UT

 Awwwww pumpkin cookie and my pumpkin!

Cedar Breaks and St. George

So... here are our resumes, in the flesh (or in the ink, or pixel, as it were). First is mine, which is vvvvvvv kylie, second is Danny's, which I really tried to keep masculine, but also organize and differentiate from others.

**Update: If you are interested in having me re-do your resume, please email me at I charge $35 for a one-page document :]


  1. Girlfriend. First of all, still glad our cyber-paths have reconnected. Second, my man is in med-school. Gear up and try to talk yours out of it. jk. Its terribly awesome. More terrible, less awesome. No, I shouldn't say that. I hated it when people tried to discourage us. It really is awesome. GOOD LUCK. I hope your's has the MCAT behind him, woosh, thats a beast.

  2. WOAH i wanna go to cedar breaks.. wherever that is. & your resume looks gooooooood