Vegas Reception

Okay soooo... sorry world, but there are, in fact, more wedding pictures. These ones are from Las Vegas, and were taken by Erin Fonnesbeck. It was a lovely day, June 14, 2013. We held our reception at the Southern Highlands Country Club, and there they served the single-greatest mashed potatoes of my life. Unfortunately, I had a very hard time eating them in my tight dress. But our (second) day was magical, nonetheless, and every detail was thought of and executed by my sweet parents.

Although these pictures were taken almost five months ago, it's safe to say I am more in love (I know how stupid and mushy this sounds but it is true) with Danny than I was the day we got married. We have begun to grow into each other, and really appreciate all of the little things that come with living together. Some might think that it would make you crazy (to be honest it did at first), but I am more confident in us, and in the sanctity of eternal marriage and covenants, than I ever have been. It's reassuring to know that your best friend has always got your back.


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