Christmas Pictures 2013

Ummm I wrote before that I tried to take Christmas pictures like those cute ones on Pinterest with lights and failed miserably and cried? Yep. Here are the best of those. Like oh hey you can BARELY tell that our tree is 1 foot tall and that I am like almost bigger than my husband and he is SUPER excited to be sitting on our dust-bunny-ridden floor for 2 hours while I self time..... oh help me. Also, how about our baby lamp? Kind of reminds me of Lampy from Brave Little Toaster, which both scares and excites me.

Honestly to this day I have no idea how people take those "string light" pictures, so hats off to anyone that can pull that shiiii off. Congrats on being more skilled than I am. As a backup, and what really should have been my first option but I didn't want to inconvenience her, was having my bestie just take us up into the forest and snap some pics. So we did that! We trekked up to Big Cottonwood Canyon in a freaking blizzard and took some (if i do say so myself) cuuuuuuuute pics for our cards!

That last one will actually be the one we print off. We are using Artifact Uprising, and doing a combination of actual postcards (cool!) and some square 5x5 prints that we will just double as postcards (cheaper!). When they arrive at my house I will for sure Instagram them. And let's not forget our beautiful photographer, Sierra. Some great outtakes here. Oh hey besties. Also, how about the classic snow-shoe-rs in the background? They are picturesque, even though they were seriously cray cray for being outside in that weather (we have an excuse, as we were only outside for literally 15 minutes. these fools were probably out there all day). also, this is around the part where a woman was literally giving us a lecture on "why children shouldn't sled" to which we all just looked at her.

Although I wake up every day in my 40 degree room, look outside at my car covered in snow and want to kill myself, it's pictures like these next ones that (i was going to say make it all worth it but that would be a straight up lie) make it more bearable. Utah is the prettiest! Nowhere else that I can think of can have you at a beach (albeit Utah or Salt Lake.... not really a "beach" but definitely a body of water), a mountain, and most importantly, a Nordstrom—all within 45 minutes. Hooray!