The 12 Days of Christmas: Ormes

1 Marriage
Welcome to my recap of the year in the form of the 12 Days of Christmas. Yep, you got it, here's the first one. We have ONE MARRIAGE (luckily). But in all seriousness, marriage is the best. When it's the right person, it's easy. When you know you know. Marry your best friend. All of those cliches you hear? That crap is true. Although not every day is perfect (holla at my married friends that know what I'm talking about), every day gets better than the day before, and I'm so lucky to be part of a marriage and a Gospel that allows me to grow and build up myself and those around me constantly. Oh and secondary point, I made those Santa Pancakes you see up top, and we have decided it shall become an Orme tradition for years to come.

2 Semesters to Go
Well, maybe three, but for the purpose of continuity, two. Danny has worked so hard the past year that we have been together to prepare himself for graduation and med school. We've got a bit of a way to go, but the end is near, and I'm so proud of my little bb for getting so far. 

3 Church Callings
That's right folks, three. For a while I was like literally begging to be noticed in my ward, but be careful what you wish for! Just kidding, it's great. We have given talks at like 389 wards over this Christmas season, and we both officially have callings in our ward. I have been called as the Personal Progress leader and I'm so grateful (I know-lame) for the chance to hang out with the young women. They remind me of the importance of a small, but powerful testimony and I can't wait to see how each and everyone one of them turns out. Oh and lastly, I'm going to start working at the Salt Lake Temple in January. You can all come visit me on Saturday afternoons. Xoxox, temple girl. 

4 Friends that Return our Phone Calls
Hehehehehe married joke. But seriously, we are very grateful for our friends this year. I've always loved my friends (they're more like my family) but after you get married, your "friends" true colors start to show. And by that I just mean you obviously start to get less and less relevant when you drop off the face of the earth (the single scene). So to my sweet friends, both old and new, that have been a part of our lives for the past year, I love you so very much and appreciate your friendships more than you know. Support and love is the greatest gift you can give. But seriously, you little idiots are the best. 

5 Dollars I Have Left
Classic married poor joke. Nah, we have been seriously lucky to have very generous families that help us (buy us food and presents and flights to Las Vegas) when we are feeling our lowest. Also I'm lucky to have a job (insert economy joke here) that I don't completely hate (hi coworkers!!!) Just kidding. Even on my worst days at my job, I can count on my coworkers to make me laugh and let me vent. But seriously, first year of marriage!!!! Budgets!!!! The thirst is real. We pay things like car insurance and gas bills and ldeal with crazy neighbors and we donate money to charity and buy $45 worth of chocolate for ADULTS so like.... I guess we are growing up. Sucks to suck. I feel the wrinkles in my face starting to sag. 

6 Months Down
Wassssuuppp six months!!! 6 months down, eternity to go!! But seriously, I can't even believe it. I remember a year ago (right?) Danny and I were just starting to get serious and took our first trip together (Seattle). Safe to say that trip solidified our future nuptials, and look at us now! People that say "marriage is work" or "marriage is hard" are doing it all wrong. Every day isn't a glitter-filled picnic, but marriage is so much more than that. It isnt the number of fights you have about rinsing the sick dishes or not complimenting me enough (I need compliments what can I say), it's about having a constant companion. And I don't mean someone that latches onto you and is a Stage 5 Clinger- I mean constant in the way that nothing can break the bond between you. It's constant. It's consistent. And it's one-of-a-kind. For my non-married friends, I encourage you to pull it together, cuz you're missing out. 

7 Average Number of Photos Taken Daily
Self-explanatory. Sorry Danny. I'll try harder next year (to take more and be even cuter).

8 Day We Were Married
Ahhhh, June 8. Forever a lovely day in my mind. This number thing is getting kind of hard, so I'm stretching here. Judge not, friends. Someday you'll be blogging about your newlywed/new kid/existential crisis life too. We all get here sooner or later. 

9 Meals Mastered
It's TRUE!!! I've had this thing in my email for years that reminds me of my goals like once a month and literally since I moved to college I've been getting emails that say "learn how to prepare 10 excellent meals." Well, after 5 years and a lot of complaining from my parents—I'm finally on my way. We aren't great at everything, but Danny and I are proud to claim that we can make a perfect Chicken Tikka Masala (believe it, friends).  We are a pasty, white couple that can whip up some seriously delicious Indian food, against all odds (not being racist just being real). Also we can make like 300 variations of chicken (baked chicken, fried chicken, chicken with lime, chicken with basil, chicken skewers, chicken noodles... You see my point). And of course, we are always looking to expand our repertoire so send any recommendations my way! Oh and I made the cookies shown above FROM SCRATCH Y'ALL. 

10 Beanies Purchased
It's a long story but we did a service project for my father-in-law this year that involved doing a coat drive and passing out sandwiches and gift cards to the homeless at the Road Home in downtown Salt Lake. (Jada is actually eating the sandwiches in this picture- oops) What a great experience that was for us to have as a family. We are so fortunate to lead the lives that we do, and I'm grateful to be able to give back to those who can't. I hope that someday each of the people we helped will be in a position to do the same for others, and I also hope that anyone in a position to give- whether it's financially or just volunteering your time- takes the opportunity to do so as often as possible. That's how the world turns. That's how we can keep believing in people. 

11 Times a Day I Remember How Lucky I Am
Shoutout to the Church here. Everything I have, I owe to the Church. Danny says that all of the time. Whenever we have questions or doubts, we find ourselves naming the countless ways the Church as enhanced our lives. And to be quite frank, I know its under fire as of late, but the only thing I can really say is that for my entire life, I've chosen the Gospel, and it has never led me astray. So I may not know all of the answers, and I may not even always agree with the Church's stance on various topics (I know you know what I'm sayin), but the one thing I ABSOLUTELY do know the answer to is the most important question of all and that is "what makes you happy?" To that, I would say, the teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Its not always convenient or easy or even agreeable, but at the end of the day, it's the one thing that I can count on to make me a better person and enrich my life (this is not a bash against my husband haha). Speaking of him, my husband is the single greatest gift I could have ever asked for. He is what I think about 8/11 times that I'm thinking about how lucky I am. He's my best friend and my lover (yep you read it right) and I couldn't have imagined a better match for me if I had tried. 

12 Places Traveled
This is my not-so-humblebrag. Danny and I have made it a goal as a couple to try and make sure our loves, and the lives of our future family members, are well travelled and culturally rich. So this year, we stayed mostly domestic, and explored the expanses of our own nation. We look forward to next year, when we get to go to Japan!!! Too knots for everyone!!! (See pic)

1. Seattle
2. Philadelphia & Amish Land
3. DC
4. Florida
5. Cancun
6. Grand Cayman
7. Haiti
8. Jamaica
9. South Dakota
10. Wyoming
11. Montana
12. California 

As I am sitting here writing this, I find myself thinking," what if ____ reads this and gets offended?" or "what would happen if ____ kind of person read this?" or "do I sound too ____?"  But you know what? The answer is probably yes, haha, and I can't worry about that. I'm sure I sound self-aggrandizing at times, arrogant at others, suicidal in between, but that just comes with the territory. I can't please everyone so I guess I'll just work on making myself laugh. For anyone that knows me- you'll vouch that my heart is in the right place (Right?) Girls with opinions are hot, right? (Hahaha).

 I am who I am, and I'm okay with that. I hope you are too. I hope that during this Christmas season, you take at least 5 minutes to remember the Savior that made all of this possible for us. Merry Christmas to everyone (all 3 of you reading this). Remember who you are!!! Drive safe!! I love you and I hope you have the best holiday season!!!! Xoxoxooxoxoxoxooxoxox


  1. 1. All I have wanted in a calling is to be in y.w. So you basically have my dream calling. 2. When we were first married We planned to go to Thailand the next summer But I got pregnant. BE CAREFUL. 3. You are funny.