Back to the Grind

Okay so I will try to go in order. Returning to regular life/work is super hard after the holidays. Like why would I want to go sit at my desk all day (okay it's not actually that bad) when I could be cuddling up with my little cuddle muffin (danny really does love to cuddle!!!)? So it's been an adjustment back to real life. But we are keeping pretty busy, so that part is nice. The busier I am, the easier it is for me to stick to a schedule. Danny has a schedule for himself that has every minute of every day dedicated to different activities, from Chemistry (8:30-10:00am) to Eat Food (3:00-3:45PM). It's honestly hilarious but it works for us. I started volunteering at the Salt Lake Temple (awwww), which some people might be thinking "wait she's not 100 years old, why is she working there?" Great question! I originally didn't have a calling in my ward so I went ahead and made one for myself by volunteering at the temple. Don't worry, now I have a calling in my ward and I work at the temple so i am feeling SERIOUSLY SO BLESSED. jk. not jk. But seriously, working in the temple is actually pretty fun. I work in the baptistry, so I get to interact with a lot of the youth, who are inherently goobers. Also, the people I work with are so nice (obviously, it's like a pre-req) (not sure how I got in), so all-in-all I would highly recommend it to anyone.

To reward ourselves for going to school/work, we decided to go ice skating with our MARRIED COUPLE friends, the Shahans. That's right, married people have friends too. I wish I had taken a picture of them because Jaq Shahan has the greatest haircut in Salt Lake City. Also, Shawn was Michelle Kwan in another life, and schooled us all on the ice. And seriously, Gallivan Center? The place is filled with 15 year olds trying to rub up against each other, but it's still a pretty fun time. 

Oops, out of order. These were taken in California before the new year. I like them. I also like California. It was so nice to get out of the freeaaaking snow for like 5 minutes. It was a consistent 75-80 degrees while we were there, so Danny was allllllll about going to the beach. I haven't seen my stomach in like 6 months so that was a cute reminder (help me). I'm excited for the day that we have kids so I don't feel bad for napping and reading books while Danny romps around in the ocean alone (Like I am sorry it is seriously 40 degrees, you couldn't pay me to get in there). But our kids will love going with daddy so much! Until then, sorry D. We also went to our favorite places (Ruby's, the Long Beach Aquarium, the scary massage place, South Coast Plaza, Crab Cooker, etc), and even writing this I am craving all of those things BAD.

Oh and lastly, my hair. Yep, I did it. I went grey. You can see a better picture here. If you're wondering, YES i have gotten like 50 "ummm did you mean to do that?"'s and "you look like an old lady" and even "you look like Storm from X-Men (not mad about that one)" so let me warn you, if you're thinking of doing this YOU BETTER BE READY FOR PEOPLE TO BE SO ANNOYING. Just kidding, mostly i have gotten positive feedback and i mean realistically i don't care. Although I did have this excellent experience where my sweetie friend Cambri (seriously she's the bomb) did my hair at 10 am and I had to work at the temple at 1 pm the same day... Basically what happened is the grey pulled a little bit BLUE at first, and let's not forget that at the temple the lighting is... let's just say it's not super bright?.... So pretty much I was the blue-haired girl running around the temple last Saturday. If you've ever been to the temple you can probably imagine how abnormal that is. The workers were really good about it—some even told me they liked it haha—but I assured them that I'd tone it down for next time. There were even a few moms who were there with their kids who complimented me on my hair color and expressed that they wanted to "go red" or "go blonder" and to those women and all women i say DO IT. Anyway, what could have been a kind of awkward experience actually turned out to be really positive so that was nice. 

And that's all that I've got for now. I got a film camera for christmas this year, and I am on picture 32/26, so I'll be done with that roll soon and uploading and we can all make fun of me together. xoxo


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