Gift Guide: Valentines Day for Guys

I've been really searching to find some good Valentines Day gifts out there for my husband, which is hard because 1. guys hate Valentines Day and 2. guys are hard to buy for in the first place, etc. Like what do I do, buy him a bouquet and some chocolate? No. I would eat the chocolate and the roses would wilt onto my floor.

So I have compiled just a few (mostly) not-very-expensive gifts that a boy just might love! Luckily my husband never reads this blog so it's not like I'm giving anything that I bought him away. Unless of course he stumbled on here... hi honey.

1. What I Love About You Journal
This is cute! And looks like it might be sold out, but you could easily make one of these.

2. Dry Shampoo Bar
Ok listen up. Just like girls don't like to get fat- boys don't like to lose their hair. I didn't actually know this was a thing until I got married. Danny hasn't lost like... any hair, but it's definitely something he thinks about. So I did some research, and it looks like this dry shampoo bar stops hair from shedding. I can't vouch for whether or not it works (since I haven't tried it yet) but I will, and in the meantime, it smells good and your husband will like it anyway.

3. Striped Tie
Because every guy needs a nice tie (or 2, or 5). 

4. Beard Kit
My husband doesn't actually have a beard, but I know a lot of guys do/want one/dream of one, so I put this in the mix. 

5. Mixtape
Why didn't I think of this?!?!? You make a mixtape, just like you would on an actual tape, and then you put it on this little disk drive that looks like a tape! You can even make covers for it. What says "I love you" more than your favorite songs? Dare i say-nothing. In 9th grade, I compiled a mix tape for someone that had just broken up with me and it had songs on it like.. "I'm a Terrible Person," by Rooney. That guy and I are still friends and we occasionally talk about how DUMB I AM but how funny that was—seriously. Anyway, music is a good way to go.

6. Weekender Watch
If your husband can't invest in nice things because he always wants something newer/better/cooler—the Timex Weekender is your solution. The wristband swaps out, so you can buy the entire watch once, and then just buy bands that you can switch in and out, depending on the season/outfit/whatever.

7. Bluetooth Speaker
Okay so this is my brother-in-law's family's company. I hate when people say things like that but I promise you I'm not trying to sell you an alarm system or offer you an "amazing opportunity to make money." Help. No seriously we got one of these bad boys for Christmas and I highly recommend.

8.  Massage
Groupon: $25
Helpful hint: Groupon is the best place to search for massages in your area. I found like 10 places within 25 miles of me that had deals for an hour massage for less than $30. This can also be a gift to yourself.

9. Kanken Backpack
My husband won't use cute backpacks like this (he needs industrial-sized, Costco ones for all of his textbooks), but if you/your husband are in the market for a stylish, functional, long-lasting backpack—Fjallraven is your best bet. PS anyone that's ever bought a Herschel backpack... do you like it? I had one and it BROKE and they literally do nothing about it! Worst customer service.

10. Roses Floral Fieldmaster Patch Cap
I'm a real sucker for a snapback (or anything like-unto). It's probably my favorite accessory on a man—probably because I grew up in Las Vegas, home of the bro's. If I got this for my husband, I would actually just wear it, but isn't that the sign of a great gift?

More: And if all else fails, you can always make him dinner/breakfast/lunch/anything. That's pretty fail-safe. This is how I would suggest presentation.


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