POTM: January

It's the new year! AKA who cares. Yeah, THAT'S RIGHT, I SAID IT. 2013 was the best year of my little life thus far, so I had/am having a hard time getting excited about New Years Eve (the most overrated holiday) and the "New Year," etc. (probably because I am way depressed that Christmas is over). I hate to sound like one of those bitter girls that "hates valentines day," though, so I have decided to try and get a new attitude.

I did find myself looking at Pilates classes (yeah right) this morning and Danny and I did decide we should try to read our scriptures together every night before bed. So that's my new years resolution- be more spiritual. To kick off this month and to keep me sane at work, I have created the first playlist of the year, woo woo! It's basically the entire soundtrack to the Secret Life of Walter Mitty (which was an excellent movie, by the way), plus some others (hi Beyonce... I don't worship you but I do like one song. sorry not sorry). Enjoy!

Oh, and Taylor Hoyt made me put together a top 20 of 2013 song list so I decided I would post it here in case anyone wants it, or if I want to look at it in 20 years and remember how cute (dumb) I am.

1. Here Comes the Nighttime- Arcade Fire

2. Who You Love- John Mayer

3. Birthday- Katy Perry

4. Shot at the Night- Killers (this is my fave)

5. Hold On, We're Going Home- Drake

6. Junip- Line of Fire

7. Yuna- I Wanna Go

8. I Should Live in Salt- the National

9. Tunnel Vision- Maria Taylor

10. If you Leave- Daughter

11. Elevate- St. Lucia

12. Far Away- Junip

13. Radioactive- Imagine Dragons (sorry not sorry)

14. We Can't Stop- Miley (again, not sorry)

15. Hemiplegia- Haerts

16. Wings- Haerts

17. Falling- Haim

18. Belong to the World- the Weeknd

19. Youre not the One- Sky Ferreira

20. Odd Look- Kavinsky


  1. hey, I'm just stalking your blog, and you are the cutest/most hilarious person. I love it!!