Values Night


No big deal, my Young Women and I just made crowns for our Values Night. What is that, you ask? It's where each girl gets to present a value for 2-3 minutes, and then we have snacks. I also added on some Personal Progress completion to the end of the night. I had the girls split up into 4 different "stations" where they completed 4 different Personal Progress Experiences. Bam. Done. As you can see, one of the stations was making crowns, because we are Daughters of God. This one was my favorite. The others included creating a Plan of Salvation packet that the girls can use for FHE, and one where we played a game that involved "Standing up for what is right." Cheesy I KNOW but here we are. Everyone loved it. It was a ton of work so if anyone else is in this calling and thinking about any kind of "personal progress on speed" night, make sure you delegate out everything. It gets crazy.

Highlight of the night was a girl asking "Is that your natural hair color?" and I said, "No, haha it is not my natural," and then she said "ohh... well it is actually not that ugly and kind of cute." OH OKAY THANKS?!?!

These next pics are of my girls. If they ever find themselves on my blog they will probably be really mad at me but I just think they are so cute!!!! The lighting in the church is (understatement) awful, so I created this cute streamer backdrop for (almost) no reason, but since I made it, I figured we could make the most out of it. Hence the photos. I really tried my best to save them, and I think I did a decent job. They all just look like they were taken in 1970, and isn't that what the cool kids are doing these days? That's what I thought. Anyway, it was a good time for everyone! 




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