March 2014

Ummmm hi sorry for the hiatus (in television that means cancelled but LUCKY FOR YOU THIS ISN'T TV). So we have been super busy this past 1.5 months. Some updates? I got my hair all the way back to blonde (thanks Cambri), we are in the process of moving (another blog post to come), I got to go to California for Girls Trip with my mom, and this past weekend we had General Conference. It's been a seriously great 1.5 months. How am I feeling right now? I am soooo hungry (its 11:30 A.M.) and my house is freaking filled with dust and crap while we box up all of our belongings. It's been kind of fun (and hellish) to go through all of our/my old stuff. Letters, pictures, movie stubs, blah blah- it's a real trip down memory lane for those of us that are sentimental hoarders (me).

For Valentines Day, my sweet husband took me to Communal in Provo on our way down to Brianhead for the weekend. He also bought me a bouquet from my favorite florist, Tinge Floral. Thanks Ashley for being such an artist. Here is my sexiest pose alongside a shot that I most likely took after falling for the 100th time.

We also had a chance to pretend to be millionaires aka go to the symphony. I am #seriouslysoblessed that I married someone who cares just as much about music and "culture" as I do. I'm lucky to have you, Danny!

Disneyland. Really needs no explanation. This was a part of Girls Trip 2014- where my mom and I meet up and eat, shop, sleep- repeat. This year we added in Disneyland and when we got too tired of standing in line, my mom told me she wanted to leave and go to the mall, which is how I know she is my mother. We also saw Non-Stop with Liam Neeson, and it was surprisingly good. By good, I mean entertaining, of course. It has no fine film qualities whatsoever. Oh, and the Crab Cooker? Food so good it should be illegal.

WE MADE THIS. Actually this time, Danny mostly made this. We have mastered the art of Chicken Tikka Masala (a la Bombay House), and if you want the recipe, go here. It's seriously to die for. Kind of takes a lot of preparation, but is worth it while you eat the leftovers for days.

 Ohhhhh my birthday!!!!!! It was recently my birthday and my husband WAS THE BEST. First married birthday!!!!!!! He kicked it off by waking up at 6 and making me heart shaped pancakes. I can't adequately express how much this meant to me because the only reason he did it is because he knew I would love it. Yay! Then I went and bought myself a massage and a facial (Duh), and when Danny was done with school, we headed up to Ogden for some good, old-fashioned Japanese food at Hanamaru. This was a good prep for our TRIP TO JAPAN which happens in about... 23 days. Anyway, the day was perfect. Life is good!


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