I wrote this a few weeks ago and I am now posting it.


The past couple of days, Danny I have been packing together every single thing we own (and throwing away like 90% of it), in preparation for our move!

We decided to give up trying to look cool in a hip, vintage, non-functional space (aka it was cute and trendy but literally built in the 1800's, was washer and dryer-less, and filled with so many dust bunnies I started naming them). So it was time for a change! We found a back-apartment down in Memory Grove, where it is quiet and full of trees, flowers, parks, and babies for me to play with. Oh, and there's a washer and dryer!!!!!!

So, the day that we moved, I was right in the middle of packing up the last remains of our kitchen when in walk like 5 people from our ward, and as time went on 5 more, and then 5 more, and then 5 more, and maybe even 5 more after that. And we were able to move out of the old one and into the new in apparently a "record time" for our ward. I was seriously dumbfounded. I expected a few people to make a half-hearted attempt at helping us, but I was so so wrong. More people than I could count on two hands showed up on a Tuesday night to help our poor souls. From what other organization, apart from the LDS Church, could I count on such diligence with such little reward? Dare I say.... none. My ward is truly special, and so is my Church.

I am so proud to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and to be in the same circles as these, for lack of a better descriptor, saints, who gave up their Tuesday evening to help us. Once you get married, your friends kind of start to disappear- whether you like it or not. That's where new friends, and in some cases, ward homies, step up and fill in the gaps. And can I just say, they are (sometimes) the best kind of friends? This is my vow to be a better ward friend and a better normal friend. I am blessed over and over for my membership and commitment to the Gospel, and I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for sending me help when I ask :)


  1. i was just at memory grove yesterday & saying how much i want to live there. IT IS ADORABLE. luuuucky