Japan: Mt. Fuji

Next up: Mt. Fuji.

I think Danny was most excited to see this particular attraction (besides his mission). He had been there before with his mission president, but it was fun to go back and see it. I'm consistently finding myself thinking things like "this doesn't do it justice," but I think Japan is just full of places like that. I looked up with photos of Mt. Fuji looked like before we went, of course, but you really can't grasp the magnificent, magestic beauty of this mountain unless you're experiencing it in real life. Alas, here are some of my photos.

We (Danny) drove (DROVE ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD BECAUSE THAT'S HOW THEY DO IT) about halfway around the mountain from the city of Fuji to get to the Shibazakura Festival, or the Pink Moss (not to be confused with Kate Moss hehehe) Festival. It's a PBD around there because these people love their cherry blossoms. And let me tell you, it's a sight to behold. The pink, Shibazakura flowers contrasted with the gigantic Mt. Fuji- I just could not.

This little guy below is an excellent depiction of Japanese culture: super cute ALL THE TIME. Cute over everything. Another really fun fact is that we traveled on "Boys Day" which is a national holiday celebrating boys and everywhere people put up flags that have little fish on them! They are beautiful and you can see some below.

Travelers beware!! THERE IS LIKE... ZERO FOOD AROUND THESE PARTS. Although there is a theme park that is American Cowboy theme, which is neat. Fuji is not my favorite place in Japan :/ partially because we had to drive a mile down the road to park in our car and syphon off wififrom the nearby chain hotel. #poor

Don't let me forget: Danny told me that the picture of him below is to be used in his obituary- no questions asked.

These are the Boy's Day flags behind us!


  1. literally the most gorgeous colors i've ever seen. love these pictures!!

  2. SO COOL i want to go. all those colors are unreal!