Japan: Tokyo & Hitachi

So... if you didn't know- we went to Japan. Ever since I have known Danny, he has talked about how much he loved Japan and all that the culture & country have to offer. Hence, we thought it would be appropriate to make the journey before he applies to med schools, I attend law school (a story for another day), and we have kids! (Don't worry... far away on the kids). My sweet parents were nice enough to get us this trip as a Christmas present, and they actually met up with us halfway through. It was truly a great experience, especially with Danny by my side.

5/2: Tokyo
We arrived in Tokyo, and I'm not gonna lie, it was a total culture shock. It is an AMAZING city, but I cannot read a freaking thing, I am starving, I don't know how to use the subways, it is sooo humid, blah blah- IT'S TOUGH BEING THE NEW GUY. Subways in Japan = 1000's of stairs. Not joking. They do not mess around there. Also for the record, Danny served in Nagoya, and had never been to Tokyo- so we were reeaaaally lost. Thanks Danny for being so patient with me and being such a good host in your favorite country. I know I was a little bit of a mess. Oh and below you can see a picture of a drink machine- they have them all over the country and I loooove them. They're free-standing vending machines with mostly like... flavored water and juice, and occasionally a coke or a grape fanta :0 and we couldn't resist getting a drink every time we passed them (which was every four seconds).

Anyway, we made our way to our hotel: Hotel Niwa! It was one of the best places we stayed. After we settled in a bit and ate something I cannot remember, we headed over to the Robot Restaurant. If you have watched Anthony Bourdain's "Parts Unknown," he does a special on Tokyo and goes to this place. IT IS ABSOLUTELY INSANE. It's essentially a disco tech mixed with some burlesque dancers... plus Asia. Honestly I can't do it justice and it truly does encapsulate Tokyo, so here is a video.

5/3: Tokyo --> Hitachi
The next day, we travelled to an "Usagi Cafe." What's an Usagi, you ask? A BUNNY! Because people can't really have pets in Japan, there are these cafes that have animals that you can go play with. Bunny cafes, kitty cafes, reptile cafes- you name it, Tokyo has it. So we decided to go to an Usagi cafe because I think bunnies are 2 cute. We went to one of the most famous ones (it is called R.A.A.G.F. and stands for Rabbit and Grow Fat, which doesn't make sense but is cute) and to be totally honest, it was underwhelming at best SO if you have time to kill, go for it- but if you're trying to see a lot of stuff, this should be last on your list. We got an evil bunny who actually bit me so that was tight.... But alas, a good experience, and very very Japanese.

From there, we took a 2 hour or so train ride to Hitachi Seaside Park. Guys... if you ever go to Japan, this will be the highlight of your trip. Pictures don't even come close to doing it justice. It is MILES OF FLOWERS ON ROLLING HILLS. If you're a female, I am positive that you've seen pictures of it online. A literal Pinterest dream come true, and one of the coolest things I've ever seen. Also if you're into dogs... I saw more dogs in clothes (full on outfits) than anyone should be allowed to see.

When we got to Hitachi Park, we had all of our crap with us (!!!!!) because we were traveling. Our suitcases wouldn't fit in the lockers- especially little baby size Japanese lockers- so we asked the "Stroller Valet" if they could watch them for us. Reluctant at first, they ended up giving in (largely because Danny is a white kid speaking Japanese I'm sure), and held our bags. Thank goodness because it would have been like roaming around Central Park (with hills) with bags.

Here are some photos from the first few days.


  1. cutest couple, coolest pictures. japan looks amazing!