San Francisco

I like forgot to blog about this but I realized I have a thousand pics so here goes.

A few months or so ago, I went out to San Francisco to work (I worked for Adobe and it was awesome!). I spent a full work-week eating macaroni and cheese, wandering the streets, and gazing at the bridge (and hiiiiii if you're my boss- I was also working super hard). Just a brief synopsis of my time at Adobe: it was great. I learned a lot, I made some very good friends, and I had a hand in one of the most creative, inventive marketing companies in the world. The caliber of people at that company is the highest I have ever seen- and even more importantly, everyone is nice. **Huge shout out to my girl Darrian for getting me the job and for being a really good friend.

I've worked at two kinds of companies: ones that build you up, and ones that tear you down. Adobe is a company that builds you up. Initially, I told them that I couldn't accept the position because I was going to law school, and honestly expected them to be many things: angry, upset, etc.- least of all understanding. However, their reaction was completely the opposite. They were nothing but supportive and understanding, and offered me a position that worked around both my schedule and theirs- and that is how the 3 month Adobe job came to be!

Anyway, I had a great time there, and I'm very lucky to be able to say I was part of #AdobeLife.

Adobe San Francisco Lobby & Cafeteria

Dolores Park

Painted Ladies aka Full House Land

Work Life

Our Airbnb

My actual experience on this windy bridge.

The Grilled Mac and Cheese. Celestial!

The Tiled Steps :)


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